Find Project Details on MahaRERA Website

A Step by Step Guide: How to Find Project Details on MahaRERA Website?

Talk to any homebuyer and the process always starts with concerns and doubts pertaining to the real-estate project they are interested in, most of it having to do with fairness, transparency, trust and delivery assurance on the developers’ side.

What is RERA: The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act

So now how does one trust in any realty project? To eliminate frauds, scams and phishing and protect the interests of home buyers’, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act was brought in place. The Act scrutinizes and regulates each and every realty project in the country. While getting into any home ownership transactions, it is best to get into projects that are registered and certified by RERA.

What is MahaRERA?

In this regard, Maharashtra was the first state to implement the Act with Maharashtra Real Estate Regulation Act (MahaRERA) and has been highly active since its launch. All commercial and residential projects are compulsorily registered in Maharashtra and the state has the highest registrations, making up for more than 60% of the country’s applications.

18 Steps To Find Project Details on MahaRERA Website

So if you are on the road to searching and finalizing a realty project, the process is made easier with quick steps on finding project details on MahaRERA website. Follow the steps listed below and you are all set to make a decision based on the details.

Here are steps, how to get real estate projects details on MahaRERA website:

Step 1: Go the MahaRERA website homepage (i.e.

MahaRera Website Default Homepage

Step 2: Here, if you are not comfortable navigating in Marathi, on the topmost right corner, you have an option to change the language from Marathi to English.

MahaRera Website Language Change Option

Step 3: Once you change the language, on the top menu bar, go to the registration tab. Clicking on it will give you a dropdown menu with the following options:

  • Registered Projects
  • Registered Real Estate Agents
  • Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) – Promoter
  • Change of Promoter
  • Projects – Registrations Revoked or Ab initio void

MahaRera Registration Tab

Step 4:  Select registered projects from the drop down

MahaRera Registered Projects Tab

Step 5: Once you select Registered Projects, it gives you a pop-up mentioning ‘External Website. Click OK to continue. A new page will open on a new tab.

MahaRera Registered Projects Pop Up

Step 6: On this new page, there will be options of:

  • Registered Projects
  • Registered Agents
  • Revoked Projects

Select registered projects.

MahaRera New Page After Pop Up in a New Tab

Step 7: Now here you can find the details of any project using the three options that show up — Project Name, Promoter Name and MahaRera Project/ Agent Registration Number

Registered Projects Option Click

Step 8: To find details of a specific project that you are looking at, do a simple Google Search for the MahaRERA number. For instance, search for the MahaRERA number of Oberoi Sky City. You will get the number using which you can search the project details further.  

MahaRera Project Search for Oberoi Sky City

Step 9: Once you enter the number and click search, the details will be displayed below and you get 5 options to choose from:

Oberoi Sky City Project Search on MahaRera

  • View Details -> Blue Link View Tab
  • View Application
  • View Certificate
  • View on Map
  • Directions

Step 10: Select View Application and View Certificate. In a small view, all details will be shown on the same page and you get a chance to download both the application and certificate for your perusal.

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera Search Result

Step 11: After this, click on View Details. This option is of high significance as it shows all details pertaining to the specific project you are searching for.

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera Application View

Step 12: Clicking on this option will open a new tab and all general information and address details registered with MahaRERA website will be displayed.

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera Application Download

Step 13: Scroll down and you will find a section called Project Details. Here there is crucial information regarding the proposed and revised possession date. There are also details on completion of the project and handing over the timeline. IT gives an overall clarity on the number of buildings in the project and the sites around it.

Step 14: Further scrolling below, there will be options of FSI (Floor Space Index),  Bank Details of the Project. Common Areas, Facilities, and Amenities,  Development Work, Building Details i.e. Floors, Configuration, and Area of the Apartments, Project Professional Information i.e. Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and the list of Real Estate Agents with their MahaRera Registered Number.

Step 15. Further to the option of Project Professional Information, you will find all details pertaining to the listigation of the project. It will provide information such as Court where the case is pending, case number, type of case, whether order is passed, petition name, other petition details, case year, current status of the case and relevant documents of the case.

Step 16: After this section, we come to the section of utmost importance – Documents section. The files can be viewed and downloaded for your reference. Some of the documents are:

  • Copy of the Legal Title Report
  • Details of Encumbrances
  • Copy of Layout Approval
  • Building Plan Approval (IOD refers to Intimation of Disapproval)
  • Commencement Certificate
  • Declaration in Form B
  • Proforma of the Allotment Letter and Agreement for Sale
  • Status of Formation of Legal Entity (Society/ Co-op etc)
  • Others (This section will generally have the Occupancy Certificate Copy)

Step 17: The last section of the website will show you complaints against the project, filed with MahaRERA by the existing buyers. This will give you an idea about the problems, grievances and decisions taken by MahaRERA.

How To Check Litigations On Real Estate Projects?

MahaRERA has done commendable work in regulating the sector and streamlining the process. By presenting details of projects stuck in legal work, the Act has guaranteed transparency and fairness, boosting homebuyers’ sentiments.

To check the litigation of any project:

1. Go to

2. Click on Appellate Tribunal -> Orders

  • – Search the order by typing the name in search option

How To Know Which MahaRERA-Registered Projects Have Expired?

The website is updated timely and reflects on lapsed projects. Due to non-renewal or other operational issues, the projects expire. In such cases, the developers cannot sell, book or market anything under the project. To find such projects:

1. Go to MahaRERA website >>

2. Under the ‘Registration’ tab, click on ‘Lapsed Projects’. The page will display the list of projects expired in a chronological way.

MahaRERA Website and Support Contact Details

To accelerate the delivery and effectiveness of the helpdesk, MahaRERA has contact numbers that will come handy. You can call on:

  • MahaRERA Toll-free number: 1800 210 3770
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Line (could be chargeable): 022 6915 7100
  • The citizen helpline shall function from 7 am to 11 pm, except on Sundays and governmental holidays.

How To Know Which Projects Had Their Registrations Revoked By MahaRERA?

The Act has the powers to revoke projects based on unethical practices and irregularities of work. Such details can be fetched on the website as follows:

  • Go to MahaRERA website >>
  • Under the ‘Registration’ tab, select ‘Projects – Registration Revoked or Ab initio void’. The page displays the list of revoked projects. The revocation order documents are available for viewing and downloading.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, while scouting for homes to invest in or own up, it is best advised to check their backgrounds and status on MahaRERA website.

Looking for Real-Estate Consultants?

While the task can look daunting and tedious, it’s the consultants with expertise in the sector who can make the procedures simpler. Moreover, consultants guide you at every phase with the never-ending technicalities involved and provide the accurate insights that have to be taken into consideration before making the final move. it is best to turn to best real estate consultant who make the realty affair smoother.


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