Real Estate Online Reputation Management


Real Estate Online Reputation
Management (ORM)

The last decade has witnessed a major change in how businesses operate especially in the marketing of goods and services. Most operations have moved onto online platforms as more and more people across the globe have found it to be a more lucrative option. Since online marketing is the new way of operations, it becomes very important for firms to manage their content and provide their services on these online platforms. The same goes for the real estate industry which is a highly competitive space and a booming sector within the Indian sub-continent.

In order to increase brand value and visibility real estate firms look to provide their services as well as put out regular content in order to gain larger audiences and hold on to the existing clientele. But along with these activities, a firm must also learn to manage its online reputation. Most people look at the online reviews first before buying the product or the service. Hence maintaining a good online reputation is quintessential for a firm to achieve a certain level of success in the market.


Real Estate Online Reputation
Management Company in Pune

Pune with its booming real estate market has now moved into the digital realm through which most real estate firms are generating their leads. The need for content creation and managing online reputation is increasing as digital platforms take over the industry’s operations.

Pune being a growing city has now generated the need for more companies that are involved in digital marketing and online reputation management. The real estate industry is mostly run by society’s elite and their reputation is what take their brand forward. There are a number of consulting firms within the city of Pune that provide a service to strategize and maintain the online reputation of these real estate firms.


Our Real Estate ORM Service includes

A good Online Reputation Management strategy provides your locations and management with a methodical view of what has to be improved. You can minimise customer service blind spots, create consumer goodwill, and polish your brand by routinely monitoring and reacting to online reviews.


An online reputation strategy involves the understanding of certain rudimentary concepts:

  • Brand Monitoring and Conversation Analysis - Brand monitoring involves tracking different channels to understand brand visibility in the market. Brand monitoring also involves conversation analysis which basically studies social interactions both in verbal and non-verbal forms.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Identifying the correct emotion behind the text written, say in the case of reviews is a good example of sentiment analysis.
  • Negative comment management - Negative comment management and mitigation is an extremely important task that needs to be dealt with with a certain level of pragmatism. Negative comments can be extremely hurtful to the brand image and need to be kept under check
  • Reputation building - By carrying regular checks on the negative comments and conducting analysis on conversations and sentiments, many shortcomings of the marketing strategy will come to light and can be mitigated over time. Couple with the regular flow of content the reputation of the brand will build and visibility will increase.
  • Strong brand presence - Creating a strong brand presence includes credibility, reputation and visibility which eventually provides higher returns on investment

Why does your Real Estate Business
need ORM?

Most people nowadays resort to digital media and platforms for information and consumption of goods and services. Reviews given about products and services by previous consumers plays a huge part in brand building and visibility. Maintaining brand reputation on online platforms is the need of the hour and here are the reasons why firms in the real estate industry need an ORM service:

  • Online reputation management helps with building credibility within the market.
  • As credibility builds through online reputation management so does the brand image.
  • ORM helps a great deal with increasing sales as the brand and credibility of the firm keep growing.
  • The best way to retain clients is through trust and a strong ORM strategy has the ability to do that.
  • Real estate firms will find ORM services to be an extremely lucrative marketing option.
  • Increases ROI (returns on investment)
  • As the reputation of the firm builds, it tends to attract many new and capable employees from the job market.

Why should you choose Sole Realty
for ORM Services?

Sole Realty is a well-known real estate advisory firm in Pune with substantial industry knowledge. Sole Realty has the knowledge and experience to assist you in establishing and implementing sound online reputation management strategies that will help your company enhance its online exposure and indulge the appropriate audience for the firm's real estate services.

Sole Realty USPs:

  • The firm has an excellent work ethic.
  • Sole Realty offers its customers a variety of services
  • With the expertise of more than 40 years in the field of real estate, Sole Realty has a significant knowledge base on the local and national industry.
  • Strong work culture with an inclusive approach.
  • Sole realty understands the digital aspect of the business and has the expertise in devising strategies that will improve sales and brand value.

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