Real Estate Social Media Marketing Services


Real Estate Social Media Marketing Services

With the incorporation and expansion of the digital space, new ways of running businesses have come to light. One such hemisphere within the digital space is social media. Social media as a concept has exploded and taken up the minds of the public as the newer generation begin to accept it as an indispensable part of society.

Apart from firms setting up operations on digital marketing and eCommerce platforms, social media is an incredible place to set up a business and attract an audience on a global level. A majority of the urban youth in India is obsessed with social media and hence a business has the chance to increase its audience and clientele through social media. The real estate industry works the same way. With the growing clientele within urban spots particularly, running operations through social media seems to be a pragmatic option.


Real Estate Social Media Marketing
Services in Pune

Pune is a young and vibrant city that has up to a great extent managed to incorporate social media into everyday life. With the growing number of influencers and content creators within the social media space, it becomes important for businesses and firms to set up social media accounts and market their products or services online so that they can attract the right audience for their commodity.

Social media provides the infrastructure for marketing products and gives firms the opportunity to magnify their operational base significantly. There are many new firms within the city of Pune that are now taking up social media marketing contracts where the SMM (Social Media Marketing) firm will understand the company goals and set up marketing strategies that will help increase their product visibility and consumer base.

Within the real estate industry, social media has become an extremely crucial part. The number of online queries regarding real estate and the number of options available online has significantly increased in the last decade. The number of SMM firms coming up in the city has grown exponentially providing SMM services for its clients to boost their company visibility in the online real estate domain.


Our Real Estate SMM Program Includes

Devising a full proof SMM strategy is a vital part of any real estate business within today’s contemporary industry. A good SMM strategy has the potential of increasing client base and visibility significantly with regular posts in the form of images, videos and reels. Apart from setting up normal posts, social media platforms provide the infrastructure for paid promotions and advertisements. In this way, the real estate firm can reach out to a multitude of people across the globe as they increase the awareness of the services they provide.

Facebook as a platform seems to be most equipped amongst the social media platforms that allow firms in the real estate industry to operate. Apart from Facebook, the other social media platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Snapchat, Quora, etc.

Involving influencers to market the product is also a great way to reach out to audiences. Positive reviews given by influencers have the potential to convince audiences about the credibility of the real estate services provided by the firm. SMM companies are usually working within this realm as they strategize and set up posts that will attract larger audiences, thus boosting the company’s sales and bringing in more leads.


Why Real Estate Business need
Social Media Marketing

Since the last two decades, the entire social atmosphere has evolved to a great extent with the introduction of social media platforms. Industries and businesses have found a new platform to market and sell their products on a global scale without setting up a physical shop, making these digital platforms a lucrative and viable option to run operations. The benefits of social media marketing for real estate firms have been mentioned below:

  • Social media marketing helps in diversifying marketing efforts as it provides a new platform to market real estate services.
  • Social media marketing strategies can help real estate firms in broadening their network.
  • Social media marketing strategies can boost a firm's web traffic.
  • Social media marketing campaigns tend to offer a better return on investment.
  • Social media provides a platform for real estate firms to build brand reputation and trust.

Why choose Sole Realty for SMM Services

Sole Realty is one of Pune's leading real estate consulting firms equipped with immense knowledge about the market and a keen eye for opportunity. Sole Realty has the expertise and understanding to help devise and apply a sound social media marketing strategy that will help your firm gain the importance and success it deserves.

4 reasons why you should choose Sole Realty for your SMM Services:

  • Sole Realty has a good team of strategists who understand the digital space and the algorithms to bring out positive results.
  • Sole Realty is known for its great work ethic.
  • Have a qualified team of content writers and creators
  • The firm has an impressive repertoire in the local market

Case study - A Success Story

Case Study: Creating social media buzz around a real estate brand!

Mahindra Lifespaces, the Mahindra Group's real estate and infrastructure development business, is the subject of the case study. The firm takes pride in being one of the first green home developers in India.

The whole consumer path to purchasing a house, which is a truly enjoyable experience, is centred around Mahindra Lifespaces' aspirational home-buying experience. Joyful Homecomings, a fun offer, was positioned in front of the public through a social media contest as a result of this discovery.

Case Study: How Airbnb customized #LiveThere for the Indian market

For the #LiveThere contest, Airbnb partnered with MTV, one of India's largest youth-oriented media outlets, to engage their viewers and promote their services by giving them the opportunity to win a one-of-a-kind experience.

Winners of the Airbnb #LiveThere contest will get the opportunity to go to Milan, London, and Thailand and experience the original culture and local flavour with Anusha Dandekar, Nikhil Chinapa, and Radhika Apte.

"By collaborating with social media influencers and Bollywood superstars, we see a big potential in forging the link between films and travel, in an effort to address the demand from India's 230 million urban millennials wanting a more thrilling way to explore the globe," Raina stated.

The campaign was started in April 2017 to spread the message to travellers that when they travel, they should not just visit or see a place, but instead live there.


Client Testimonials

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Sole Realty has built a strong and spotless reputation in the local scene by providing consulting services to some of the country's leading firms. Some of the firm's clients are as follows:


Request free Social Media Audit

A social media audit simply entails collecting crucial information from each of your social media accounts in one location.

A social media audit paints a clear picture of your present social media activities and identifies the most effective ways to enhance them. When you're done, you'll have a single strategy document for all of your social media platforms, complete with crucial information.

Conducting a social media audit is not a difficult task but it will require a certain amount of time. The following steps can be followed to conduct a successful social media audit.

  • Track down all online and social media accounts
  • Make sure that the accounts are set up completely and updated with all the important information.
  • Identify your strengths
  • Evaluate the channel performance and figure out the shortcomings in the strategy.
  • Track the results and channel growth over a period of time
  • Calculate your return on investment
  • Finding your audience
  • Deciding on what works for your firm
  • Standardizing channel ownerships and passwords