Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Services


Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Services

The last decade has witnessed a major influence of digitization within every industry. Companies shifting their operations onto digital platforms has not only introduced many economies of scale, but it has also changed the way conventional businesses operated.

The Real Estate Industry is not much different. As the influence and importance of digitization kept rising, the real estate firms found newer ways to market their services and attract a clientele on a global platform. Everything is now just a click away and most real estate firms have managed to redirect operations onto digitized platforms.

Within the universe of digitization comes the theory of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which basically enables a company or website to optimize its searches so that it can be easily located and suggested to the users of any browser. Most people don’t go beyond the first two pages of suggestions presented by their browser whilst looking for either information or products. Hence it is very important for businesses to develop and incorporate a proper SEO strategy that will get them onto the first two pages of suggestions. This will increase their visibility that will generate much more traction on their website depending on what audiences the company wants to capture or what their current client base is.

Search engine optimization services have become a recent booming business as every company within every industry is looking to increase its visibility on digital platforms. The Real Estate industry with its every booming trend has become a highly competitive space with many SEO strategizing and consulting firms coming up to help the existing real estate firms grow their business further within the digital space.


Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Company in Pune

Pune has been one of the hubs for content creation and search engine optimization where the real estate market has been booming since the last decade due to its ever-growing IT and education sectors. There are many consulting firms working within the real estate business that help other businesses set up their SEO strategies and increase their visibility on digital platforms.


Our Real Estate SEO Process Includes

The real estate sector is fiercely competitive, particularly in big metropolitan areas. Everyone is seeking to boost their visibility and earn those listings, from the solopreneur struggling to make ends meet to the large national corporations. As digitization takes over the operations of the real estate industry, more and more firms are opting for SEO to increase their online visibility and attract more business.

Local SEO provides real estate firms with a fighting chance. So long as you're aware of what you're doing. The SEO strategy is a calculated pathway that helps firms increase their online visibility through the use of keywords. These keywords are basically commonly used while searching for a particular commodity or service online. And these keywords when used on a company website tends to increase the website visibility on the search engine.

The Process followed while devising an SEO strategy has been briefly described below:

  • Complete Website Analysis and Audit - An SEO audit may assist you to decide which pages are doing effectively and where you can improve.
  • Keyword Research and Mapping - The technique of allocating relevant keywords to different pages of a website based on extensive keyword research is known as keyword mapping.
  • Competitor Research and Analysis - Competitor Research will give you an idea of your existing competitors in the local real estate market as well as provide you with a better idea of the strategies implemented by your local competitors.
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy - The strategy used to increase the number of visits to a certain website by ensuring that the site ranks high on the list of search engine results.
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization - On-page SEO refers to all actions that may be made directly within the website to boost its ranking in search results.
  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization - Off-page optimization refers to all of the steps that may be made outside of the actual website to boost its ranking in search results.
  • User Experience & Conversion Optimization - Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and user experience (UX) design work together to drive conversion rates and boost your business's return on investments (ROI). UX is an interdisciplinary subject that focuses on how they work together to drive conversion rates and increase your business's ROI.
  • Content Marketing - Content marketing is a marketing approach that involves developing and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other material in order to attract, engage, and retain customers and audiences.
  • Measuring SEO Success - There are multiple ways to measure SEO strategy success such as an increase in organic traffic, keyword ranking, click-through rate, bounce rate, backlinks, page speed, time spent on the page, conversion rate, etc.
  • Reporting - This is the last step of the SEO strategy where reporting the success of the SEO strategy comes into play. This is an extremely important step which will further outline any shortcomings within the SEO strategy and will help firms improve their online performance in the future.

Why Your Real Estate Business Needs SEO

Every industry relies on marketing, and the same goes for real estate. The purchase and sale of homes and property is a significant investment for both buyers and sellers. Due to the nature of the real estate industry, clients expect nothing but the best in terms of who they work with, meaning you’ll need to market yourself well and create the right image of your brand. Since the growth of a real estate company is highly dependent on recommendations and word of mouth it can lead to missed opportunities.

Even if you've created, built, and launched a stunning website, it won't always rank first in Google search results. Take a look at these statistics: Real estate-related Google searches have increased anywhere from 350% to 2,450% in 2021. 97% of people used the internet as a source of information during their home search. 51% of all buyers found the home they ultimately bought online.

  • All search engines index site content and only the most relevant results are displayed when keywords are searched. So you must enhance your website in order to increase your chances of ranking first when potential clients are searching online.
  • SEO allows you to target specific markets and enables you to create several different means by which to attract prospective clients.
  • By using SEO strategies like custom landing pages for keywords, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, targeted social media advertising you can harness leads.
  • There are many different SEO tools you can use to help you create a strategy that’s specially tailored to your field of real estate, as well as the goals unique to you and your business and whatever your niche within the industry may be.

Why Choose Sole Realty for Real Estate SEO Services

Finding the right SEO strategist is an extremely important step for any firm working in the competitive real estate market. Skill, experience and a proper understanding of the market both on the digital and the ground level can be a boon for a business.

Sole Realty, based out of Pune, is one of the finest real estate firms in the city with a clean attitude and exquisite expertise in the field. The transparency and fine work ethic make them a comfortable match for its growing clientele. Some of the company’s USPs have been mentioned below:

  • Phenomenal understanding of the local real estate market.
  • Transparent operations
  • Caters to the needs of a broad audience
  • The firm understands the importance of work

Real Estate SEO Case Study - A success story

The Himalaya Group's traditional and digital marketing case study focuses on how SEO strategizing helped the company to outperform all other rival real estate projects in the digital marketing space. It also emphasises our other ATL and BTL tactics for the Greater Noida West real estate project. With the leads gained via the efforts of the SEO strategy team, the firm was able to capitalize on the economies of scale and grow.


Client Testimonials

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Our Clients

Sole Realty has built a strong and spotless reputation in the local scene by providing consulting services to some of the country's leading firms. Some of the firm's clients are as follows:


Free SEO Audit Assessment Form

Conducting an SEO audit assessment is not a very difficult task. A checklist is available that will provide you with an understanding of the SEO strategy implemented. The following are the steps of the audit checklist:

  • Step 1: Check for Google Penalties
  • Step 2: Check Domain Search Appearance
  • Step 3: Perform a Technical SEO Audit
  • Step 4: Perform an On-Page SEO Audit
  • Step 5: Perform an Off-Page SEO Audit
  • Step 6: Perform a Social Media Audit