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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Investing In Dubai’s Real Estate Market

Dubai’s booming real estate market is flourishing at an all-time high, and proof of this can be seen with the highest ROI that all non-resident property buyers are witnessing. Apart from being one of the most iconic destinations for futuristic, cosmopolitan living, the benefits of investing in real estate in Dubai are largely due to its favorable geographic location and rapidly developing segments of commerce, tech, tourism, and healthcare.

Also amidst all the glitz, glamor, and ease of living in Dubai, people from all over the globe are flocking towards the Gulf Tiger to taste the good life! Dubai has gained popularity among professionals who wish to live an exciting, buzzing lifestyle in a convenient location for commuting, from families, couples, tourists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and investors. So if you are planning to invest in Dubai real estate from India, there is absolutely no better time than now.

What makes Dubai real estate investment unique?

To jump into the real estate landscape of Dubai, it is first important to know why the opportunity to do so is one you just can’t miss. Dubai’s real estate market delivers superior returns on investment (ROI) on properties than those in other significant international cities, making it the top choice for international investors in addition to its luxury component. While luxury properties for sale in Dubai have many takers, so do commercial spaces and budget homes!

Now that we’ve established through words, how you can gain the highest Roi In Dubai thanks to the high demand for properties, let’s look at the numbers, which point towards the clear benefits of investing in real estate in Dubai.

According to the Dubai Land Department’s (DLD) annual transaction report for 2020, there were 51,414 real estate transactions worth more than Dh175 billion in Dubai in 2020. The largest investors were found to be the Chinese, British, Pakistanis, and French, in that order. The real estate market in Dubai attracted 19,757 international investors who completed 24,666 deals totaling more than Dh35.6 billion.

5 Reasons to Invest in Dubai Real Estate

Now that we know just the kind of potential Dubai’s Real Estate Market Holds, here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy real estate in Dubai.
Coming to the numbers, once again, the average yearly return on Dubai real estate is 5.19%, according to research by the real estate investment consultancy firm Global Property Guide. Compared to the annual rental yields in New York (2.9%), London (2.7%), Singapore (2.5%), and Hong Kong (2.4%), the highest ROI in Dubai has become a clear reality. And coming to the numbers from us, here at Sole Real Estate Consultants, you can easily achieve 8-12% ROI when you invest in real estate in Dubai from India, with us.

The UAE government has recently implemented new visa legislation tied to real estate investment that provides a speedy road to residency in an effort to make its real estate sector appealing to foreign investors. Making a commitment to such a long-term residence decision shows how investor-friendly Dubai is and emphasizes how secure an investment in the city is overall.

What’s more, is that Dubai’s Golden visa offers a long-term residence opportunity with exclusive benefits, and Investors are among those eligible for the Golden visa.

When it comes to the safety of your investment, your desire to buy Real Estate In Dubai can multiply considerably due to the strict regulations that the country implements. The Dubai Land Department’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), which oversees the real estate industry, continues to uphold laws that ensure property developers keep their promises. As a property holder in Dubai, you needn’t be afraid of sudden price changes due to this set of strong regulations. In many ways, investing in Dubai real estate is a very safe choice for investors.

Along with high, guaranteed returns on your investment, the benefits of investing In real estate In Dubai also include earning a tax-free income. One of the most troublesome sources of expenses is personal tax, and Dubai directly does away with it with no taxation. With the exception of foreign banks and large oil companies, investing In Dubai Real Estate From India is 100% tax-free.
If you’re worried about gathering a large sum of funds to buy real estate in Dubai, don’t stress, because this problem is almost effortlessly taken away with easy payment plans on luxury properties for sale in Dubai. Starting from as little as 1% per month, payment plans in Dubai make property buying a lot easier and more accessible!

Risk Of Investments To Consider

As is common to all kinds of real estate investment, the decision to buy real estate in Dubai is not something you can make in a second, but only after thinking it through. While there is a myriad of opportunities and it is in fact a profitable move, we at Sole Reas Estate Consultants would like to share with you a set of factors you need to consider before taking the plunge.

Risk – The component of risk comes with any investment you make, which is why you should put your mind to the possible risks associated with your decision. This being said, since real estate trends are straightforward to analyze and projections rarely stray from them, investing in Dubai real estate from India has a relatively low-risk element.

Need for knowledge – While investors don’t need to be a part of the real estate sector, they need to be aware of what the scenario is in general. This is unlike most other investments where the domain knowledge on the subject matter needs to be thorough. Real Estate investments are rather forgiving in the sense that you might seek advice or monitor market trends when hunting for the appropriate home, but once you find it, you can unwind knowing that your money is being invested wisely.

Easy investment – Dubai has made it incredibly easy for foreign investors to partake in the real estate sector, without having to go through a bunch of formalities. In Dubai, you are given the liberty and ease of simply purchasing a property and holding onto it until you’re ready to sell it after just a few essential legal formalities. You won’t need to work all day to get the rental revenue, and this allows you to concentrate on your actual business or work with the assurance that your property investment will yield a sizable financial return.

With just a 1% payment plan and luxury apartments starting from 2.1 cr, you can gain an impressive ROI of 8-12% when you buy real estate in Dubai.

Financing options – Compared to other real estate markets where you must rely on banks and financial institutions, in Dubai, you can avail of a mortgage loan for up to 80–85% of the total investment amount from the bank, which effectively reduces your initial investment payment to just 15-20%, while maintaining the fact that you’ll be gaining the highest ROI in Dubai.
This said, a monthly payment plan of 1% is the easiest transaction you can do with Sole Real Estate Consultants helping you out!

Our Final Words

With major benefits and minimum risks, investing in Dubai’s real estate sector is an incredible idea, when done through reputable consultants and developers. So, to go ahead and make an investment you absolutely would not regret, work with reputable real estate agents that can point you toward the best properties in Dubai, and can guide you through the process of buying and then generating income through them.

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