Why Should Indians Invest In The Dubai Real Estate Market

One of the ripest global markets for real estate investments, Dubai offers top-notch opportunities with the highest ROI and strict, safeguarding regulations on both commercial and residential properties.

Now that a multitude of opportunities are right around the corner, thanks to blurred global boundaries and a longstanding relationship between India and the UAE, making this wise investment is something every Indian investor should consider. This said Indians are among the leading buyers of real estate in the city, drawn by the high standard of living and tax-free returns.

So once you take the decision to invest or find an attractive opportunity, the first thing you need to do is seek a good real estate advisor in Dubai, who can guide you in the right direction.

Now that we see opportunities to invest in Dubai opening up from top real estate consultants In Dubai constantly sharing details on new projects, it is first important to know the top reasons why Indians should invest in Dubai’s real estate scene!

Strategic Location

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the world’s most buzzing cities and is placed at a very strategic location in terms of India’s proximity toward it. With several Indians already inhabiting Dubai, which is just a 3-hour flight away, it already feels like home for whoever is traveling from our subcontinent. What is even more attractive about the cosmopolitan city is the confluence of cultures, luxe global lifestyles, and a futuristic vision.

High investment and rental yields

High ROI has been one of the biggest motivators for Indian investors to seek the help of Real Estate Consultants In Dubai. At the moment, Dubai has the highest rentals compared to several cities in the international global markets. Once you purchase a house for a great price with the intention of renting it out rather than selling it, you earn annual rental returns, thus ensuring a steady stream of income. An estimated 5-9% profit can be made through renting in Dubai. This strategy is used by many investors to maximize their profits and is a great idea if you want to ensure stable, hassle-free returns.

Friendly Government Policies

The city’s proactive leaders and the UAE government have made sure that investors continue to find it appealing. The government has given the economy a lot of energy by making significant reforms to the regulations governing visas and corporate ownership. Dubai now permits corporate ownership at 100 percent without the requirement of a local partner.

Furthermore, an authority that strictly enforces real estate regulation is responsible for protecting investors and holding developers accountable. Real estate investors, with the help of Sole Real Estate Consultants In Dubai, can feel far more at ease in this sector because it is now much more transparent and compliance-focused than any of its Indian competitors.

RBI Remittance Rules

For Indians, purchasing a home in Dubai or any other foreign country has become much simpler since the Reserve Bank of India doubled the foreign exchange remittance ceiling to Rs. $250000 per person per year. This implies that a family of four can send up to $1 million annually to buy assets abroad.

Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)

Thanks to the historic bilateral agreement signed on May 1st, 2022 between India and UAE, CEPA is expected to promote an attractive investment climate and expand trade in products and services. Further facilitated by Real Estate Sole Selling Agency In Dubai, investing in homes and commercial spaces in the city will become a lot easier due to this agreement.

About Sole Real Estate Consultants

Since we’ve established how easy and advantageous it is for Indians to invest in a property in Dubai, let’s move on to the next step. Once you decide to unlock the power of investing in Dubai’s hot-selling real estate sector, we are here to help you with property Sole Selling In Dubai.

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