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Top 5 Reasons Why Pune Is The Best Place To Live In 2023

Given the sobriquet ‘Oxford of the East’, Pune isn’t just an education and culture hub but is now recognized as one of the bustling, IT-friendly Metro cities in India. With perfect weather, a sense of living at ease, and projects from some of the top builders in Pune, this is where you need to be for your next chapter in life.

Abuzz with activity all year round, the Pune property market is as buzzing as the city itself, with a lot of impressive options to choose from based on your convenience, budget, and most importantly your need for space- which is ample in the city! Apart from the cosmopolitan lifestyles and accessible commutes that aren’t very time-consuming, a life well-lived is made more attainable at top properties in Pune that give you a sense of belonging, no matter what part of the country, or world you’re from.

So without much ado, let’s take a look at why we find Pune the most liveable city in India, and why it is wise to find the best area in Pune for property investment.

Less Pollution, Amazing Weather :

With an Air-quality index that doesn’t leave you huffing, puffing, and in constant stress- Pune features lesser pollution as compared to other Metro cities in India, and has a rather pleasant climate throughout the year. Yes, the monsoons can result in heavy downpours, but the Pune property market is quite adept when it comes to handling tough weather conditions with solid, resistant homes.

Affordable Properties For Buying/Renting:

Another major advantage of the Pune property market is the affordable buying and renting of homes. Based on your need for proximity to certain areas, top builders in Pune offer amazing prices that can get you the home of your dreams without burning a hole in your wallet. If you wish to save a lot of money from your income, renting top properties in Pune can be a boon for you!

A Hub of Opportunities:

With the rise of multiple IT parks and MNCs, Pune has become a sought-after global job market that sees people coming in for work not just from India, but even from across the globe. With a diversified scope for new jobs coming up with each passing day, Pune is a commercial hub that also offers a ripe ecosystem for businesses and start-ups. Several upcoming real estate projects in Pune are also putting the onus on retail and commercial spaces while factoring in the ease of doing business in the city!

Lesser Traffic Jams:

If you’re looking to save yourself the time and trouble of having to stress over a long, jammy commute, leave your woes away and come to Pune. Thanks to good city planning and comparatively less of a rush, Pune offers the advantage of making faster commutes. Unlike cities like Mumbai or Bangalore, you will have one less thing to stress over and that’s the traffic.

An Educational Hub:

Whether you’re a student or a parent, Pune is the best place to be in terms of the quality and vast scope of education, right from a child’s formative years to post-graduate programs. Apart from people coming over to work, the Pune property market is abuzz with those who want to pursue their education further, or those who want to get their children into the best schools, colleges, and universities in India.

Now that we’ve established how amazing Pune is as a city to live and thrive in, we, at Sole Real Estate Consultants are all set to get you settled into the top properties in Pune, with our expansive network of sole-selling projects that cater to all your requirements and more! Get in touch with us today!


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